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Teletv Is A Rewards Based Video On-demand Streaming Service Offering A Library Of Bollywood Movies Catered To A Worldwide Audience. Producers And Content Owners Can Stream Their Hindi Movies On Teletv And Monetize Their Content With A Very Innovative Business Model, Where Customers Earn Reward Points And Freebies While Watching New Bollywood Movies.

Movies with Rewards

It is one of the most popular free Movie streaming sites to watch Bollywood Movies online. The service hosts content from other providers, offering an online outlet for content creators to earn huge revenue by adding their movies on Teletv. Ads are optional and customers can opt-out and watch commercial-free movies. Customers can choose if they want to view ads, which allows them to be incentivized by earning reward points and freebies. Customers can use their points to redeem movies.

Teletv offers a wide range of Bollywood Movies ranging from thrilling action movies to cute romances. Watch the latest Bollywood movies online in HD quality. Earn rewards while watching. Thousands of the latest Bollywood movies to choose from.


Teletv does not use cookies or malware. All the ads are served based on user profiles and interests. The service offers ads provided by business partners.

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